Do You Need To Eat Clean To Lose Fat?

Eating Clean has Its Benefits But It Is Not The Most Important Thing For Fat Loss

A question that’s asked all the time in the fitness community and is also often debated is do you need to eat clean to lose fat? Clean eating means consuming only foods that are labeled as healthy, while avoiding anything with low nutritional value. We all know that eating healthy foods is very important for maintaining a healthy body. But when it comes to fat loss is this approach always necessary?

The Mis-Perception Of Eating Clean For Fat Loss

Many people believe that eating healthy foods only is what will allow them to lose weight. But I have news for you. Eating healthy foods will certainly help you have better health, but it is not what leads to weight loss. The most important factor for losing fat is consuming less calories than you burn (calorie deficit). The second most important factor is still not eating clean, it is balancing your macronutrients.

For that reason a very important step in the processes of both building muscle and losing fat is analyzing your existing diet to see what nutritional changes that you have to make to confirm to the requirements of fat loss and muscle building. The truth is this, most people will need to make some sort of changes to their diet in order to lose fat or build muscle. However, don’t think that when you start eating healthy you'll automatically lose fat. Even if you think that your diet is very healthy, it may still fall short of certain nutritional requirements for muscle gains and fat loss.

The concept of The Half Day Diet Plan is that as long as you get your calories and macronutrients are right you can eat any selection of foods and lose fat. This diet method is called Flexibility Dieting or If It Fits Your Macros. Although some people think that you should always eat clean when trying to lose fat, the fact is you do not need to. You’ll lose weight as long as you are in a calorie deficit even if all you are eating is only junk foods.

But should you eat junk food only to lose weight? Of course not. This may not really be practical anyway. But applying the flexibility dieting concept can allow you to have more freedom of food choices.